Ideal Chill VI
Release 14-01-2015

the 6th edition release
of IdealMusikĀ“s series `IDEAL CHILLĀ“
includes 18 unreleased, remixed & original tracks
of the Chillout, Downbeat & Ambient scene
from all over the world.
Artists from France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan,
Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, the United Kingdom,
Russia, Georgia, the United States of America
and Germany ..with the same goal in mind :

Musicians of our entire planet earth
love the same sound –
have similar feelings and moods
regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion
to which they belong.
Keep your heart open
at any stage and remember –
we are all connected, all the same and all equal.

01.Weathertunes – Morning Sun
02.Collioure – Temptation
03.Five Seasons – One More Night
04.This Liquid Sky – Breathing Tides
05.Love Gala – Since You Hold Me
06.Florent Campana – Golden Hour
07.Marie Therese – When You Come Home
08.Mark Oakland – Lovetrappening
09.Houie D. – Weightless
10.Lemongrass – Liaison
11.Pier-O – Fermer Les Yeux
12.Santiago Trigueros – Atmosphere of Cygnus
13.Ficture – The Knee
14.Perry Frank – Shardana
15.Balearicwave feat. Zara Taylor – Balearic Sunrise
( Max Denoise & Harnam Remix )
16.Germind – Fractals of Flavor
17.Ski_nny – You Will Never Know
18.Josete Ordonez – Hanoi
( Softwaver Sensual Remix )




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