`Softwaver – Smoke´

“Softwaver returns with his new Single “Smoke”.
a dark and experimental instrumental downtempo track



`Softwaver – Infinity´

“Infinity” is Softwaver’s 3rd album.
After his last albums “Inner Landscapes”, “Movies for Listeners”,
several tracks for Lemongrassmusic, Sine Music, IdealMusik and his last Single “Follow you”, Alex Houser (the man behind Softwaver) has packed all his emotions and losses from friends
and loved ones into the album “Infinity”. The result is a work that, compared to previous Softwaver releases,
is on the one hand calmer and more thoughtful and on the other hand, through the birth of his two children, becomes clearer and more colorful.

Beautiful sounds that move in spheres between ambient, chillout and playful electronic tracks.
Most of the tracks were recorded with hardware equipment in Berlin, 2015 – 2021.

The picture for the cover of “Infinity”
was taken on Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias.
It shows a work of art called “Caminos” (2007)
by the artist Lisbet Fernández




`Softwaver – Inner Landscapes´

“Inner Landscapes” is the debut album of Softwaver
released August 2010.
On Bandcamp Softwaver released this album again
including a beautiful unreleased bonus track called “Bambi”



`Softwaver – Follow You´

After 4 years, Softwaver (Alex Houser)
will release his new Single “Follow You”.
He left his familiar style of Chillout and calm
atmospheres – but only for this special track.
The melancholy of Softwaver´s style still
resonates in the chords of “Follow You”.
“Follow You” is dedicated to his 3 years old son.
He played this song more often in his player
and said to Alex several times
that “Follow You” is his favorite track –
than his son always danced happily to the beat.
That was the reason why Softwaver released this Song.
Softwaver will also release Ambient
and Chillout tracks in the next time


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